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Whether you are interested in Fretwork, Marquetry, or Intarsia; whether you work in wood, or other mediums; whether you design your own patterns or use available patterns; no matter what brand of scroll saw you use; no matter where in the world you are located, the Scrollsaw Association of the World is for YOU!

Special Notices
Dear SAW members,
The Board of Directors July meeting took place on July 11, 2017. I have been voted in as President of SAW because of Bob King having to step down from both holding this office and as a board member. His resignation is due to personal matters. The boardís next vote was to authorize the move of the home office from Carson, CA to Simpson, IL (Bobís residence to my residence).
A couple of events are being delayed allowing for the completion of this transition. One is the
summer issue of SAWDUST is normally in July. We are pushing it back one month to accommodate the transition. The other event being moved is the Ambassador/President conference call that was scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of July. This call will take place either 1 or 2 weeks later than scheduled. All Ambassadors/Presidents will be notified of the new date and time of the call.
Whenever a new Treasurer comes into office, an audit is to take place. This board of directors feels we need to follow the Bylaws and manual of SAW, so, the board approved the audit process to be initiated.
The next item brought to the boardís attention during the July meeting is the resignation of Allan Price as both SAWDUST Editor and a board member due to family issues. While Allanís resignation is effective July 31, 2017, Allan has agreed to finish out the summer publication.
With Bobís and Allanís resignations, this leaves the board of directors with 3 members. Myself, Brad Anderson and Hal Shearer. We are seeking volunteers for members to step up and help us return SAW back to the thriving organization it used to be. Because that is our goal. Also, we are seeking someone with experience to be the new SAWDUST Editor. Along with this letter is a post card for each member to return that is interested in the board of directorís position and/or the Editor position. If interested in the Editorís position, please email at telling us how you would be the best person for this voluntary job.
We can have up to 5 members on the board of directors with 4 holding office as Pres, VP, Sec and Treas. Should we get more volunteers than we have positions, a membership vote, as outlined by the SAW manual, will take place as soon as possible.
I want to assure everyone that we are continuing with the major overhaul of the website. Some of the coming changes are: adding a mobile interface, user friendly home page, members only section, the ability for members to upload pictures and show off your skills and for chapters to share their events. Our website hasnít been update for the last 10 years. So, not only are we updating the entire website, all data will be kept current. We ask members to submit your reviews of equipment, tools, blades, saws, etc. so that other members can read and know how they are perceived. We want this site to be one of the first places you go to seek out info or ideas.
Another endeavor this board is trying to do is to cut spending expense. The printing of the SAWDUST publication is quite costly. We believe going digital is a large expense saver. With that said, we understand that not all members utilize the internet and would still like to receive the paper version of SAWDUST. We are asking for you to notify the home office with your decision of how to receive the publication, paper or digital. The above address and cell phone number are current for the home office.
If you have moved or changed your phone number or email/home address since joining SAW, would you please notify the home office with your current information so that our records are current? You can email the home office at or call/text at 618-658-0915. If there is no answer, just leave a message. My voice mail is set up and will be kept current so that it does not fill up.
Please help us to return SAW back to the status it once held. Scrollsawing is a passion. Many of us scrollsaw for a hobby, some design patterns for sale, but we all do it because of the love for this art/craft. Please help us to be able to help you and participate by sharing your ideas, your knowledge and pictures of your work, helping new scrollers learn the trade. LETíS MAKE SAW GREAT AGAIN.

Thank you and looking forward to serving you all,

Misty Valestin

Local Chapters are in place or are being founded in many areas of  the country. Members of Chapters are the enthusiastically addicted scrollers from a geographic area. All scrollers are invited to join and share their knowledge with the group. New scrollers can learn from the combined experience of the group's members. This is your opportunity to join in and explore the advantages of membership in this growing and vital Association.

Your membership will immediately give you a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, SAW Dust, and a copy of our current annual Resource Directory. These publications will enhance your scrolling, enlarge your community, and give you a valuable start to learning more about this wonderful craft. You can explore many of these benefits on these pages, but you will not have the full benefit of membership until you join the Scrollsaw Association of the World.

Join now and become a part of this growing community!


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If you are on dial-up on do not have the time to watch the video online, it is available to order thru Pay Pal here.

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